Compliance Assistance/Annual Licence Reporting

Regardless of whether your organisation is EPA Licensed or not, compliance with environmental law is not negotiable. Significant penalties are available for non-conformance.

Some operations are required to operate in accordance to an environment protection Licence due to the nature of activities and/or the associated emissions discharged into the environment. The licences generally document various pollution limits and other requirements a company has to measure and monitor to confirm compliance.

Sites that are not required to operate in accordance to an environment protection licence have to meet pollution limits specified in State or Territory Acts, regulations and policies.

A compliance review involves investigating site activities, reviewing emissions and discharges results, waste management considerations, noise, odour, sensitive heritage and habitat and community issues etc and evaluation licences or legislative requirements.

EnviroRisk Management reviews organisations activities and procedures and assess it against relevant local/State or Territory requirements. At the conclusion of the assessment, a report is developed that documents where there is a diversion from legal/ licence requirements, and what actions need to be taken in order to achieve compliance.

EnviroRisk Management has conducted compliance reviews for many organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. We hold experience in attending to EPA notices, prosecutions and Corporate Board due diligence reporting requirements.

We have an accredited EPA Industrial Facilities Auditor to ensure the rigor of our assessments.

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