Compliance Tools

Compliance Tools are specifically designed to support management of your business:


Compliance management software that reduces the cost and time involved in compliance assurance programs. Visit www.complysure.com.au. 

EMS Solutions

Designed to implement or bolster ISO 14001 systems.

The EMS Implementation Solutions package has been developed to assist organisations develop an environmental management system in-house.

It contains the essential components to make life easy for those responsible for implementing and maintaining an ISO 14001 environmental management system.

What’s included:
  • An implementation road map,
  • Software to conduct your baseline review and internal audits (AuditMASTERTM),
  • Model procedures (systems based and typical significant aspects),
  • Examples of integration opportunities,
  • Proforma forms, matrices and tables,
  • A list of legislation and guidelines hyperlinked to enable on-line access,
  • A computer based notification tool to track and flag via email important dates (e.g. licence renewal, report due dates, surveillance audits, etc.),
  • A self-run internal environmental awareness training kit,
  • Environmental posters to raise workplace awareness.

To see a sample of an 'Aspects and impacts register' used in the EMS tool, click here.


Auditing software program designed and used by RABQSA Lead Auditors on over 100 sites across a range of industries.

Environmental audit software designed to makes your job easy.

Do you need to make your environmental auditing process easier?

Sick of the time it takes to write reports?

Need to drive consistency between auditors?

AuditMasterTM is a fully automated auditing protocol package that simplifies the auditing process, drives consistency between auditors, provides professional reports and saves time.

Client comments:

"AuditMASTERTM makes the auditor's life easy. Multiple site audits are dealt with consistently, avoiding reproduction efforts and saving considerable time. It’s a must for any professional auditor." - KK, Regional Environmental Manager, CSR Limited

" The process streamlined our audit program and will be an integral component of our EPA accredited licence process." - PW, Reliability Manager, Uncle Ben’s of Australia.

"AuditMASTERTM was used for our ISO14001 baseline reviews. It identifed our status and developed our action plan automatically." - CB, Northlink (Part of Ford ISO 14001 supplier certification process)

Regulatory Updates

Technical and legal links and updates to facilitate the 'Legal and Other' updates specified under ISO requirements.

Change in legislation & other screening update service

Are you overloaded by information hitting your desk?

Confused by the constantly changing environmental regulation and policy?

Our client update service takes the hassle out:
  • We provide a quarterly update service on recenttly enacted legal and other requirements (including codes, regulations, policies, guidelines and information likely to be of interest) in the states of Australia where you operate. The quarterly update discusses the technical items within the legislation and how they might apply to your activities (a typical summary as shown below)
  • Provide a list and summary document of how the changes may impact on your operations
  • Provide notification on a quarterly basis of pending legislation changes that are likely to impact on operations
  • Provide recommendations to update work instructions/site based or project procedures in line with ‘legal and other’ changes.
To see an example of our updates click here